College of Arts and Sciences
Interdisciplinary Program
Hoffman (POL), director

Urban studies is an interdisciplinary field of inquiry which treats the city as responsible for the creation of unique patterns of social and physical organizations. The minor provides students with an opportunity to study the “urban way of life” using the insights generated by the traditional social science disciplines. By exposing themselves to such variety, students obtain a more comprehensive and integrated view of the city than is possible within a single discipline. The minor is recommended for those students interested in entering careers or fields of academic study relating to urban issues and problems. These include fields such as public administration, urban planning, transportation, and planning. The minor also is recommended for students with career interests in the non-profit sector as well as for those interested in private sector careers which require substantial interaction with the public sector. Students are also encouraged to participate in the HECUA (Higher Education Consortium for Urban Affairs) programs. Descriptions of the HECUA programs are located under that title in this catalog.

Minor in Urban Studies

  • ECON 252 Principles of Microeconomics (4 credits)
  • ECON 333 Regional and Urban Economics (4 credits)
  • SOCI 332 Urban Sociology (4 credits)