The Career Development Center and Pre-Health Professions Advising offer resources to assist you on your health profession career journey.

Explore Health Careers

The health care field is full of employment possibilities and demand is high for skilled employees in this industry. There are more than 100 career areas within health care – knowing how you might fit into these roles is an important step.

  • Visit the St. Thomas Pre-Health Professions page for information about popular careers in healthcare and how majors align with pre-requisite classes for health professional school.
  • See a Career Educator to determine if a healthcare career is a good fit for you and to explore the many career opportunities in the health care industry.
  • Visit ExploreHealthCareers.org to learn about various healthcare careers.

Develop Experience

Part of learning more about a career is exploring through experience. Internships, jobs, shadowing, and volunteer experiences are often required pieces of your application to health professional programs. While the requirements for admission vary depending on the program and school, it is recommended that you have some direct patient care experience.


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