On June 15th we will be transitioning from TommieCareers to Handshake for employer posting and events services.  New positions and existing postings will be viewable to St. Thomas students and alumni only on our current TommieCareers/Symplicity system through Monday, June 14, 2021.   To have your position posted for student and alumni viewing from June 15, 2021 onward, please follow these instructions.

Engage with Students


Organizations that can anticipate hiring needs in advance find it convenient to come to campus to conduct multiple initial screening interviews. Generally, employers with internship opportunities recruit sophomores, juniors, and sometimes seniors; organizations with full-time career positions tend to interview seniors and alumni.

Fall Recruiting: Call during the summer months for interview dates that run from the end of September through early November.

Spring Recruiting: Call in December and January to establish visit dates for interviews that take place generally from the beginning of March through the end of April.

The University of St. Thomas has an easy, online system to manage our on-campus interviewing program. Through the TommieCareers website by Symplicity, employers are able to post positions, view applications, communicate selection decisions directly to students, and view interview schedules. See our Instructions and Tips to Streamline On-Campus Interviewing for more information.

If interested in scheduling an on-campus interview date(s), please contact Jennifer Rogers at (651) 962-6761.

Helpful Documents:

The Career Development Center is happy to sponsor eligible employers who wish to tell students about their organization, and their career opportunities.

Who’s Eligible?

  • You have a professional, entry-level position(s) requiring/preferring a minimum of a bachelor’s degree education.
  • You have a pre-professional internship paying an hourly wage.
  • This is ideal for organizations that have multiple opportunities across multiple job functions, or for positions where candidate eligibility spreads across many academic program areas.

A space on the St. Paul Campus is reserved for you, and marketing to students is provided.  Events are booked for dates between September – November and February – April.  We strongly encourage employers to provide some refreshments through university Catering.

To request an Information Session date:

Let employer relations staff know if you are interested in being a guest speaker at a student club meeting and we’ll pass the message along.

Host a table in a high traffic area in our campus center and bring staff, giveaways, literature, and job and internship descriptions to campus. The best months are typically October, November, February, and March. Request a table online.

Let employer relations staff know if you are interested in being available to talk to student walk-ins about your industry, your organization, your internships and career opportunities.


The best way for students to decide if they are genuinely interested in specific careers is to experience them.  The first step can be through an observation experience.  Please inform employer relations staff if you have staff willing to allow a student to shadow them for portions of days or multiple days.

Students love to see what life can be like after they graduate – so consider offering a tour and program at your organization.  Consider some or all of these activities:

  • Describe your internship and career opportunities, hiring timelines and application process
  • Have a small panel of recent college grads describe their role and what it’s like to work there
  • Provide a short tour of typical work spaces and extras
  • Have students complete a short activity or project for you

Invite specific St. Thomas student clubs/organizations or post as a career Event for all students.

Questions about any of the above?  Call Jennifer Rogers, Associate Director-Employer Relations, 651-962-6761.

Virtual Outreach to St. Thomas Candidates

The University of St. Thomas Career Development Center utilizes TommieCareers job board by Symplicity. Job or internship opportunities may be posted on our site for free. Creating an account is easy and once posted, students and alumni will be able to view your position. The job and internship posting site is one of the most viewed web sites at the university.

Need assistance writing a description? We have a guide for writing a job or internship posting. Please read the Employer Posting Guidelines to understand limitations and possible restrictions.

The Career Development Center now offers a variety of social recruiting options for you to market job and internship opportunities to University of St. Thomas students via social media.

LinkedIn: Join University of St. Thomas #HireTommies group to post jobs for FREE on the Jobs Discussion board or share your company’s already posted LinkedIn job with the group. This group also allows you to connect with University of St. Thomas students to share company information and answer questions.

Twitter: Feed your job and internship postings to St. Thomas students by using #HireTommies

The Career Development Center makes available resumes of undergraduate students and alumni. Most are seeking either internships or a full-time, post-graduation position.

To access the resume books, you must first create an account on TommieCareers. Positions are screened for appropriateness to our student population. Once the account is established with our office, there will be a link in the shortcuts section of TommieCareers to request access to the resume books. For more information, call Jennifer Rogers, Associate Director, Employer Relations at (651) 962-6762 or follow these steps to get started.

If you are located outside the state of Minnesota, or you cannot get to the University of St. Thomas St. Paul campus, consider presenting to students via virtual platform.  The university offers ZOOM technology (similar to Skype video) to bring you to us.

If interested, call Jennifer Rogers, Associate Director-Employer Relations, 651-962-6761.

Job Fairs

Consulting Services

  • Job description development
  • Internship development
  • Campus visibility activities
  • Student engagement at your site