Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a fee for having a portrait taken?

There is no sitting fee for senior portraits, and there is no fee to appear in the book. You only pay for the photos you wish to order.

Can I submit my own portrait to the Aquinas?

No. If you miss the portrait sessions, it is not possible for us to include a portrait of you. Please contact us if you have any questions at

How do I order my portrait?

You can order prints of your portrait through the proof package mailed to you from David Banks Studios.

Will my portrait still be published if I don't order any photos from David Bank Studios?

Yes, a portrait will be carefully selected by the Aquinas staff to appear in the book. If you have questions contact the Aquinas office at

More Questions? Need to contact the Aquinas?

Aquinas Yearbook
Department of Campus Life
University of St. Thomas 
Mail # 4024
2115 Summit Avenue
St. Paul, MN 55105

651-962-5264 (Aquinas office) 
651-962-6135 (Adviser's office-Kim Rueb)