Policies & Procedures

Cash Box Funds Policy

Cash box funds may be requested when money is needed to make change for a University sponsored event. The requests for cash box funds should be directed to Debbie Grossman (651-962-6604) in the Business Office. The requests should be submitted at least three business days prior to the event date. Requests are subject to authorization so please plan accordingly.

Change Service

Departments needing to exchange money for different denominations should provide the Business Office with at least 24 hours advanced notice to ensure that the request can be accommodated.

Departmental Cash Collections Policy

Information on the receipting and depositing of funds collected by departments or other campus organizations.

Employee Returned Check Policy

Contains information and policies concerning returned and dishonored checks.

Employee Past Due Account Policy

Lists the applicability of the policy, the notification process, the notification timeline for past due payments, and the consequences of non-payment.

External Billing Policies

Information about the Business Office's responsibilities concerning external billing as well as external billing procedures and important items to be aware of regarding the collection process.

Contains information about the journal voucher process and an online training tutorial for the system.

Petty Cash Funds Policy

Explains the process for obtaining and maintaining petty cash funds.