Hoedeman Gallery of Sacred Art

In late summer 2020, the University of St. Thomas’s new Iversen Center for Faith (ICF) will be unveiled on the St. Paul campus. By centralizing resources, this interfaith space will serve as a new spiritual heart of our campus as it meets the needs of all members of the St. Thomas community in an inviting and accessible way. The ICF links the Classical Revival architecture of Emmanuel Masqueray’s Chapel of St. Thomas Aquinas with our contemporary needs and will provide an illuminated base for the chapel and be a beacon for all.

Art further uplifts this project in original, large-scale works commissioned by the University. Included will be: paintings by Kansas City, Missouri painter Kelly Kruse, whose work draws on the traditions of illuminated manuscripts, representing the divine in a non-denominational, non-representational manner; drawings by Minnesota artist Mary Griep that capture the intricate details of religious structures around the world; and an original sculpture of St. Thomas Aquinas by Canadian sculptor Timothy Schmalz, that reinforces the University’s foundations of theology and teaching. Additionally, the ICF will be home to the Hoedeman Gallery of Sacred Art, which will showcase a rotating exhibition schedule of artwork from all religious and sacred contexts. These elements aim to support a visual dialogue of spirituality, creating not only an aesthetically pleasing space, but one that also allows visitors from any background to reflect on their own relationships with spirituality.