Resources about the Asmat

A collection of related media regarding the Asmat people and culture:


A World Away

30 minutes/color/video/1993/English
Colleen Needles and Gary Feblowitz.

Supported by CBS TV, Needles and Feblowitz traveled to Asmat to photograph the Asmat environment and feasts.

Matjemosh: A Woodcarver

27 minutes/color/16mm/1964/Netherlands/English
Dir. Adrian A. Gerbrands
Prod. Agency: Stichting Film En Wetenschap; Universitaire Film, Utrecht, Netherlands
Source (U.S.): University of California Extension Center
Source (U.S.): Rental-see Educational Film & Video Locator
Intl. Source: British Film Institute (GB) Commentary by Dr. Adrian A. Gerbrands, Assoc. Dir., National Museum of Ethnology, Leiden.


Huber, Molly Hennen, Time and Tide: The Changing Art of the Asmat of New Guinea, from the collection of the American Museum of Asmat Art at the University of St. Thomas, Oceanic Graphics, Hui Zhou City, Guang Dong Province, China, 2009

Konrad, Ursula, Alphonse Sowada, and Gunter Konrad, eds., Asmat: Perception of Life in Art, the Collection of the Asmat Museum of Culture and Progress, B. Külen Verlag, Mönchengladbach, Germany, 2002

Konrad, Gunter, and Ursula Konrad, eds., Asmat Myth and Ritual: The Inspiration of Art, Venice, Italy, Erizzo Editrice, 1996

Trenkenschuh, Frank, osc, ed. An Asmat Sketch Book, series, Diocese of Agats-Asmat, Advantage Printers, Chicago
Volume 1 & 2, 1972, 1982
Volume 3 & 4, 1984
Volume 5 Part A by Peter W. Van Arsdale, 1978
Volume 5 Part B by Peter W. Van Arsdale, 1978
Volume 6
Volume 7, 1983
Volume 8, 1981

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The Metropolitan Museum has an outstanding collection of Asmat art, the majority of which was collected in 1961 by Michael C. Rockefeller.