Art History Courses and Core Requirements

Art History courses connect with the liberal arts nature of the core curriculum by looking at art in context.  The department offers a range of courses covering the globe and millennia.  Many of these courses fulfill the core requirements in fine arts and human diversity, and most sections of the introductory course ARTH 110 meet the writing intensive requirement.  

ARTH 110 is not your traditional art in the dark kind of class, but one that emphasizes the context of art and its analysis.  Coursework emphasizes writing and presentation and provides students with first-hand or even hands-on experience with art in the class.  Each section is different, drawing upon faculty expertise, and the topics covered by a specific faculty can be seen in the web page for 110.

The department also offers a January-term version of ARTH 110 in London for first-year students.  Details of that course can be found here.

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