Presenting at a Conference

Whether a University seminar, international conference or everything in-between, here you can find helpful tips to ensure successful and engaging presentations.

How to give an academic talk

Even though the students in this department are as professional as they come, it always helps to ponder some techniques for giving effective presentations. The University of St. Thomas writing found this link to a great article on how to give a professional, academic presentation. You are encouraged to take a quick look at it now, and again when your talks are being put together. It will help remind you all what makes a successful academic presentation.

Pecha Kucha

Required to give a presentation in the Pecha Kucha style? For many, this style of presentation can be intimidating. More than ever, practice makes perfect and perfect makes for a engaged and enthralled audience. This webpage can give you some helpful tips on how to best utilize your 20 seconds and 20 slides.

Female Presenting at a Conference