Steps to Hiring Student Employees

1. Getting Started

  • Review the mission of the Student Employment Program.
  • Ensure departmental funds are available - check with your budget manager.
  • Create a job description with duties and skills.
  • Review the Guide to Student Pay Rates to determine the apprpriate pay rate.

2. Post a Job

  • Although it is not required, Human Resources encourages departments to post all opportunities.
  • Log into the Talent Management System (TMS) using your UST username and password.
  • If you are unable to log-in, contact Human Resources for access.
  • Create a job using the instructions in the Creating a Student Employment Requisition and Submitting it for Approval.
  • Once submitted, your job will be reviewed by Human Resources.  If no additional information is required, the job will be posted within 2 business days at which time you will receive an email notificaition and a link to the ad on the UST website.

3. Search and Selection

  • Candidates will apply online.  Application materials can be accessed via TMS.
  • Review each applicant and select candidates to interview.  Review the Student Interview Guide.
  • Create interview questions based on the responsibilities of the job.  Remember the interview process is a development opportunity for students.
  • In TMS, move all candidates into the appropriate status (Ex. Reviewed: Not Selected, Offer Accepted, etc.).
  • Contact Human Resources to remove the posting from the website when you are finished collecting applications.
  • Contact Human Resources to close the job in TMS when you have made your hires and are finished accessing applicant information.

4. Hire Students

  • Request to be set up as a supervisor in Murphy Online in order to approve Student Employment Forms.  Contact Human Resources with the following information:
         *  Your UST ID#
         *  Position Title for student job
         *  Index Code
         *  Department
         *  Grid Code and Pay Rate (Review the Guide to Student Pay Rates)
         *  Does the position require a background check?
  • If the student has not worked on campus within the last year, he/she must visit Human Resources in AQU 217 to fill out an I-9 and other new hire paperwork.  They will be required to provide acceptable documentation in order to verify their I-9.
  • If the student has worked on-campus within the last year (or once he/she has completed the new hire paperwork) the student must submit a Student Employment Form (SEF) via Murphy Online.
  • The supervisor will receive an email notification indicating the SEF is waiting for approval.  The approval process is completed in Murphy Online.
          * If you don’t see the appropriate index, position title, or pay rate to approve the forms, 
             please contact HR to have your profile updated prior to submitting the forms.        
  • After approving the SEF, review the confirmation email to confirm the student may begin working.
         *  In some cases, the student may not begin working until a background screen is 
             approved by HR.
  • Students typically gain access to their timesheet either the day after their supervisor approves their SEF or their 1st Work Date as indicated on their SEF, whichever is later.