Forms - Getting a Student Paid

Required In-Person Paperwork

I-9 Form

Students must complete the I-9 Form to prove eligibility to work in the United States.  According to the Immigration Reform and Control Act, individuals cannot work until they have done so.  

The I-9 Form must be completed with a member of the HR Department, located on the St. Paul campus in Aquinas Hall, Room 217, before their first day of employment.

  • Students must complete an I-9 Form if they have never worked for the University of St. Thomas or if they have not worked for the University within the last twelve months.  If a student does not need to complete an I-9 Form, they will be able to access the Student Employment Form in Murphy Online.
  • To complete the I-9 Form, a student must provide forms of identification.  Please view the List of Acceptable Documents.  Photocopies and faxes of any identification are not acceptable and the documents must be unexpired.
  • A student will not be able to access the Student Employment Form until his/her I-9 Form has been received by HR.

W-4 Form

Student must claim the number or withholding allowances, sign and date the form.  Please note: A student may not claim a number of allowances AND claim exempt.  If the student has questions regarding the W-4 Form, please direct him/her to the Payroll Office, Aquinas Hall, room 221.

  • Due to the variances in tax treaties, international students mut complete the W-4 Form and other pertinent tax treaty information in the Payroll Office, Aquinas Hall, room 221.

Privileged Access Confidentiality Agreement (PACA)

The University of St. Thomas provides employees with the information they need to do their jobs.  With need-to-know access to University information systems, students will have privileges consistent with your job duties to access Private Information about faculty, staff, students, alumni, and donors.  A signed PACA form is required before a student can be granted access to University of St. Thomas information systems as part of their job responsibilities.



Electronic Paperwork

Student Employment Form

  • Student Employment Forms are submitted through MurphyOnline.  A student can log into Murphy Onlineusing their UST ID and six-digit PIN. 
    • If eligible for student employment, students will be able to access the Student Employment form.
    • If ineligible, they will be given information regarding whom to contact to discuss their eligibility.
  • Students must complete a separate Student Employment Form through Murphy Online for each on-campus job they hold.
  • Students submit their Student Employment Form to the supervisor.  Once the form has been submitted, the supervisor will receive an email indicating the form is available for processing.  Supervisors then access the Student Employment System portal in Murphy Online to approve the Student Employment Form.  It is the supervisor's responsibility to approve the Student Employment Form for each student employee prior to his/her first day of work.
  • For more information about how to access the Student Employment System portal, view the Step-by-Step Supervisors' Guide to the Student Employment System.

All of the forms mentioned above must be completed PRIOR to the student's first day of work.  Students must not work before the information is completed.  Once the Student Employment Form has been submitted and approved, an email confirmation will be sent to the supervisor.  Supervisors should not permit a student to begin working without this confirmation.



Optional Forms

Direct Deposit Form

  • Students have the option to directly deposit all or a portion of their earnings to their checking or savings account.
  • Students should complete the Direct Deposit Form and return it to the Payroll Department, Aquinas Hall, room 221.

Student Payroll Deduction Form

  • Students may also choose to have all or a portion of their earnings directly credited to their student account in the Business Office.

  • Student should complete the Student Tuition Deduction Form and return it to the Payroll Department, Aquinas Hall, room 221.

  • If students choose this option, they may request their earnings from the Business Office at any time, even if they have an outstanding balance.

  • To discontinue the deductions, students must complete a new payroll deduction form in the Payroll Office, Aquinas Hall, room 221.