Employment Opportunities, Required Paperwork, Getting Paid

Finding Student Employment Opportunities

There are many student employment opportunities available on campus.  The availability of positions varies throughout the year, with more opportunities at the start of each semester.  All jobs are posted on the website as they become available.

Please apply online. 

  • If it is your first time applying, create a username and password.  You will then be able to create an application and upload a resume or cover letter if requested. 
  • If you have applied before, simply log in using the username and password you originally created.  You will be able to make any updates to your application and apply for other jobs.

If you need help writing a resume, or would like someone to review your resume and/or cover letter, please contact or visit the Career Development Center.

A contact person is listed on each job posting.  Contact this person with any questions/concerns or to get more information about the position.

Supervisors will contact students whose application best fit the criteria for the position.

Required In-Person Paperwork

ALL students need an up-to-date I-9 Form in order to work on campus.  The I-9 Form must be completed before a student is able to access the Student Employment Form.

I-9 Form

In-person paperwork needs to be filled out in the Human Resources Department, Aquinas Hall, room 217.  If this is your first time working on campus at the University of St. Thomas, or if you have not worked on campus in the last 12 months, you will need to complete an I-9 form.  The I-9 form must be completed before your first day of work.

At the time you complete your I-9 form, it is necessary to show original identification documents.

List of Acceptable Documents for Form I-9

If you have questions regarding the completion of the I-9 form, contact Human Resources Department at 651-962-6510.

W-4 Form

Students must claim the number of withholding allowances, sign, and date the form.  Please note:  You may not claim a number of allowances AND claim exempt.  If you have questions regarding the W-4 form, please contact the Payroll Office, Aquinas Hall, room 221.

Privileged Access Confidentiality Agreement (PACA)

The University of St. Thomas provides employees with the information they need to do their jobs.  As an employee with need-to-know access to University information systems, you will have privileges consistent with your job duties to access Private Information about faculty, staff, students, alumni, and donors.  A signed PACA form is required before you can be granted access to University of St. Thomas information systems as part of your job responsibilities.

Required Online Paperwork

Student Employment Form

Student Employment Forms are submitted through Murphy Online.  A student can log into Murphy Online using their UST ID and six-digit PIN.  If eligible for student employment, students will be able to access the Student Employment Form.  If ineligible, you will be given information regarding whom to contact to discuss your eligibility.

Students must complete a separate Student Employment Form through Murphy Online for each on-campus job they hold.

How to submit a Student Employment Form:

  1. Log into Murphy Online
  2. Click on Student Services
  3. Click Student Employment
  4. Click Student Employment Form
  5. Select the term in which you are being hired (ex. Fall 2012)
  6. Click Enter another Employment Position
  7. Select supervisor
  8. Select hiring department
  9. Submit form electronically to your supervisor for approval

Contact Human Resources with questions at 651-962-6510.