Safety and Health

The University of St. Thomas makes every effort to provide a safe and healthy work environment for all employees.  Employees are expected to follow the safety and health requirements established by the university as well as Federal, State, and local laws.

Campus emergency procedures are available on the Public Safety and Parking Services department website  Information contained there provides a quick reference on how to report and respond to various emergencies.  All employees are encouraged to review this information for future reference.

Crisis Response Team (CRT)

The Crisis Response Team is a team of responders who are able to address a variety of crises and respond to people affected by crises in the university community.  While the CRT may not be the first responders to emergency situations (Public Safety will generally respond first), the CRT is a team that may be called for immediate support in crisis situations.  Examples of the types of crises addressed by the CRT include the unexpected death of a university faculty or staff member, or student; physical or natural disasters; serious accident or injuries; acts of violence on campus; and controversial situations.

The Crisis Response Team can be reached through the Public Safety and Parking Services department at 651-962-5100.

Emergency Call Boxes

Emergency call boxes are located throughout campus and are denoted by a tall blue light on top of the call box.  You are encouraged to use the call boxes in times of emergency.  A security officer will respond immediately to a call from any of these locations.

Employee Right-to-Know

The University of St. Thomas is committed to the responsible management of materials that may be potentially harmful to employees.  As required by law, employees working with hazardous chemicals will be trained in the use of these materials.  If you have any questions regarding the proper use of potentially hazardous materials, contact your supervisor or the director of Environmental Health and Safety at ext. 2-6530 before using the materials.

Escort Service

Escorts are provided upon request to locations on campus or to an adjacent street during the hours of darkness.  Contact the Department of Public Safety and Parking Services at ext 2-5100 for this service.

Fire Alarm and Evacuation

In the event of a fire, all individuals in the building will be evacuated and directed to the nearest exit.  At the sound of a fire alarm, all employees are expected to leave their workstation and the building quickly through the nearest exit.  Elevators should not be used during a fire evacuation.  Once outside, all individuals should stay a minimum of 100 feet away from the building and should not reenter the building until the all-clear signal is issued by the fire department.

Injuries / Medical Emergency

All work-related injuries, however minor, must be immediately reported to your supervisor and the department of Human Resources.  A First Report of Injury will be filed with the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry for each reported injury.  First aid treatment may be provided through the university’s Health Service department or a Public Safety Officer.

In the event of a medical emergency, call the Public Safety and Parking Services department EMERGENCY number, Ext. 2-5555.  The security dispatcher will then call 911 so that emergency vehicles can be directed to the appropriate location.  Security will help expedite the arrival of emergency personnel to the appropriate location.

Personal Property

The University of St. Thomas does not assume responsibility for the loss or theft of your personal belongings.  You are advised to take caution with your valuables.  Never leave valuable items unattended on the top of your desk.

Personal property found on university premises should be returned to the owner, if known, or turned in to Lost and Found at the Public Safety and Parking Services department.  Contact the Public Safety and Parking Services department if you have any questions regarding lost or stolen property.

Security and Identification Passes

The University of St. Thomas will make all reasonable efforts to provide a safe and secure environment for its property, employees, students, and visitors to campus.  Security is the responsibility of all employees and specifically of the Public Safety and Parking Services department.

Identification cards are issued to new employees soon after their date of hire.  Your I.D. card should be with you at all times while you are at work.

Keys to office and building doors are issued on a limited basis to those employees whose duties require them to have keys.  Keys are issued through Physical Plant services.

If you are authorized to remove university equipment from university property, you must have written permission from your department head describing the equipment that is authorized for removal.  Possession of university property without permission may be cause for discipline and criminal prosecution.  The security of university property extends to computer files on both the mainframe computers and microcomputers located throughout the campus.  Employees using microcomputers are responsible for the use, storage, and security of their work-related files and for the maintenance of backup of duplicate disks or tapes for essential files.  Unauthorized altering of university records, manual or computerized, or the deletion of records which should be retained, may result in disciplinary actions.

Tornado Warnings

The university will comply with all directives given by the National Weather Service during severe weather situations.  The National Weather Service siren will sound a warning in the event of a tornado or severe thunderstorm accompanied by straight line, tornado force winds.

At the sound of the siren, all students and employees should seek a place of safety; the basement or first floor of any building, away from all windows is typically best during severe weather.

The security staff will notify the switchboard of the emergency and will monitor the course of the severe weather.  The security staff will also notify areas of the campus that cannot normally hear the siren.  All campus activities are canceled during weather emergencies.

Employees and students should not leave the safe area until the National Weather Service announces the "all-clear".  Refer to the Emergency Procedures section on the Public Safety and Parking Services website for a complete listing of the safe areas in each campus building.

Use of Tobacco

Smoking and chewing tobacco are only permitted outdoors.  All employees share in the responsibility of following this guideline.  Any conflicts or violations should be brought to the attention of your supervisor and/or the Department of Human Resources.

The university periodically provides smoking cessation programs on campus.  Contact the Department of Human Resources for information regarding smoking cessation programs.