Resources and Services

Athletic Facilities

The University of St. Thomas has several athletic facilities open to staff and faculty.

Athletic Events

Faculty and staff are encouraged to attend university athletic events.  The University of St. Thomas ID card is needed for admittance for the event.  Employees and their families will generally be admitted to university sporting events at no cost.

Auxiliary and Food Services

The University has a number of food service operations in various locations on both the St. Paul and Minneapolis campuses to meet a variety of dining needs from a hot cup of coffee or hot breakfast, to sandwiches or pizza, to full service cafeteria and sit-down dining.

For full information on each location’s atmosphere, hours of operation and menus, check their website at

Catering services are also available for event planning on the main and south campus in St. Paul and the Minneapolis campus.  Catering menus and instructions for requesting catering services can also be accessed on the university food service website or by calling the Food Service Office at 651-962-6060.

Banking & Mortgage Programs

Relationship banking is available to employees using direct deposit of their payroll check.  Relationship banking offers special arrangements for checking accounts and discounts on check orders, safe deposit boxes, traveler’s checks and other special services.

A mortgage program, designed to make mortgage and refinance processes easier for employees, is also offered.

Additional information about these banking relationships is available by contacting the Benefits department of Human Resources.


St. Paul Campus

  • Murray-Herrick Campus Center, Lower Level
    Ext. 2-6850

Minneapolis Campus

  • Terrence Murphy Hall, Room 105
    Ext. 2-4340

Bookstore hours are extended during the first two weeks of class.  The following items and services are available at the Bookstore:

  • new and used textbooks
  • trade books (a selection of works of fiction and non-fiction)
  • stationery and school supplies
  • gifts, clothing, cards
  • computer software
  • special ordering services for books and software

Employees are eligible for a 10% discount on purchases over $1 with the exception of items on sale.  A University of St. Thomas ID card must be presented at the time of purchase.  Department and personal charges are handled at the service desk.  Textbooks for classes and other merchandise can also be ordered online at

  • Hours - St. Paul:  
    • 8:30am-6pm, Monday-Thursday; 
    • 8:30am-4pm, Friday
  • Hours - Minneapolis:  
    • 9am-6pm, Monday-Thursday; 
    • 9am-4:30pm, Friday

Campus Events

Faculty and staff are encouraged to attend university-sponsored events.  The university I.D. card is needed for admittance to the event.  Employees and their families will generally be admitted to university sporting events at no cost.

Employees will be admitted to student musical performances, student plays, and to some professional performances at no cost.  The university does reserve the right to charge a nominal fee for some professional performances.

Lectures by speakers who have been invited to speak on campus throughout the year are also available at no cost.

Child Development Center

Child Development Center

The University of St. Thomas operates a Child Development Center to provide high-quality, innovative programming to serve the children and families of St. Thomas students, faculty and staff as well as the greater university.  The Center focuses on the development of the whole child in a clean, healthy, stimulating and fun environment that is part of the University of St. Thomas’ educational and Catholic mission.  Care is provided for infants from 6 weeks of age, toddlers, and preschoolers.

The Center also provides research, training and internship opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students and a challenging and supportive work environment for early childhood educators.

For more information about the Center, contact the Director of the Center at 651-962-5040.

Credit Union

Loras Hall, Room 209
Ext. 2-6660

Membership in the St. Thomas Employee Federal Credit Union (CU) is a benefit offered to all employees of the University of St. Thomas and their immediate family members.  A $5 share must be purchased to become a member of the CU.  The Credit Union offers a regular Share account, a Christmas Club account, an A.A.U.P. dues account, and other specialty share accounts.  Savings are federally insured up to $100,000 per account holder.

The Credit Union also offers various loans at competitive rates.  Loan limits and rates are reviewed at least quarterly by the CU Board. Specials are offered periodically.  Contact the CU for loan rates and terms.  Notary public services are available.  Please call ahead to schedule an appointment.  For more information, please email

12pm–3pm, Monday
10am–1pm, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday
Closed on Wednesday

Express Identification Card

The University of St. Thomas identification (ID) card is called the “Express Card.”  The information on the card is linked to an account in the system computer.  All university students, faculty and staff must have an ID to access the library, athletic facilities and the Learning Center.  The card is also needed to purchase a parking permit, ride the intercampus shuttle and cash checks.  In addition, the Express Card can be used to purchase goods and services at the Bookstore, Public Safety, Estetica Hair Salon, the library copy center, all food service locations, the parking ramps and some vending machines.

Express accounts are debit spending accounts that may be set up on your Express Card.  Express accounts are available to staff and faculty.  To open an account, stop by the Card Office (Murray-Herrick Campus Center in St. Paul) or the Public Safety and Security desk in Minneapolis and fill out an Express account agreement form.

Loss or theft of your ID card should be reported immediately to the card office at 651-962-6069 or to Public Safety and Parking Services at 651-962-5100, so the card can be invalidated.

Health Services

Brady Residence Hall, Ground Level
(West entrance)

Appointments may be made with a physician or nurse practitioner.  While students are given priority, faculty and staff may also use Health Services facilities.  Many same-day appointments are available.

Services include:

  • Dressing changes
  • Assessments and referrals
  • Blood pressure
  • Cold packs
  • Throat cultures
  • Over-the-counter medicines

There is a charge for laboratory tests, prescription drugs, and immunizations.  Visit the Health Services website at

September – May
8am–4:30pm, Monday–Friday

8am–12pm, Monday–Friday

Lost and Found

St. Paul

Public Safety and Parking Services
Morrison Hall, first floor

The Public Safety office at the St. Paul campus operates a “Lost and Found” service.  Inquiries regarding lost or found items should be directed to the Public Safety office.


Public Safety
Opus Hall, second floor

Central Administration holds “Lost and Found” at the Minneapolis campus.

Luann Dummer Center for Women

O'Shaughnessy, Room 103

The Luann Dummer Center for Women was established in 1993 by a special bequest from Dr. Luann Dummer's estate.  Dr. Dummer came to the University of St. Thomas in 1971 and influenced the lives of hundreds of students and faculty during her 21 years as a professor.  A respected member of the English Department, she was named Professor of the Year in 1989.

In keeping with her vision, the center addresses the needs and aspirations of women and serves as a meeting place for women where they can share their expertise and experience.  In collaboration with the Women’s Studies Program and the University Committee on Women, the center and its resources strengthen and focus interest in women’s programs and issues at the university.  The center sponsors a variety of programs that help women develop their intellectual ability and achieve their potential.  Each March, during Women’s History Month, the Center sponsors the Luann Dummer Lecture Series that features distinguished women speakers.

9am-4pm, Monday - Friday


The Human Resources department should be notified in the event of the death of any employee, or the immediate relative of any employee.  In the event of the death of an employee or an immediate family member of an employee (spouse, child, step-child, mother, father, step-mother or step-father), the Human Resources department will make arrangements for flowers or a charitable donation.  Flowers may be sent for the funeral or memorial service or; if the family prefers, a memorial donation will be made by the university to a fund designated by the family.

Parking and Transportation

The Parking Services Office, a division of the Public Safety department, is located at 2119 Grand Avenue, St. Paul.  This office handles all parking questions, issues parking permits, takes requests for special event parking, sells Metro Transit bus passes, and processes UST parking tickets and appeals.  these same services are available at the second floor Public Safety Office in the Law School (MSL 252) on the Minneapolis campus.

Due to an ongoing concern with the availability of parking at St. Thomas, alternative methods of transportation are encouraged.  Visit the Parking and Transportation Services website for more information.

Shuttle Bus Service

The university provides a free intercampus shuttle bus between the St. Paul and Minneapolis campuses.  This is available to students, faculty and staff who show a valid University of St. Thomas ID card when boarding the bus.  Service begins at 6 a.m. and runs until 11 p.m. at night, Monday through Friday.  (Friday service converts to every half hour from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m.)  Shuttles depart each campus on the hour, 20 minutes past the hour, and 40 minutes past the hour.  Hours of the shuttle service may vary during the summer and January term.  Shuttle bus stops:

St. Paul:
Bus leaves from Summit Avenue arches.

Bus leaves from Harmon Place bus stop.